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Dear Visitors,

In, all the text is a sole property of ours. The Content (images) we use in our article are totally free of any  proprietary rights (copyrights). The content we use are Commercially Allowed and some also allow modifications. But if you find any image(s), which is subjected to any copyrights, commercially not allowed rule or no modifications allowed, please don’t be angry at it. It may be used unintentionally and unknowingly. If you have any issues related to these, please contact us. We will review the content and we will remove the content as soon as possible.

If you find anything which has any proprietary rights, copyrights issue or any other issue, you need to do following steps:

  • Go to our contact page. Here is our Contact Page
  • Enter the asked information.
  • In Message send your issue, send some details about the content and link (if possible) which you find suspicious.
  • Send Us the link of content you are suspicious about, send us the link of your article. And also a link of those who actually have the copyrights for that data.

As soon as we  get your query, we will definitely look on the matter. We will review the data, and will remove the content. :)

PicsyMag Team

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