30 Cool Wolf Pictures and Images

Wolves belong to mammalian class. They are placed in canid or canine family and are in fact the largest among them except a few dog species. They possess large and sharp canines, which makes them efficient carnivores. These help them in tearing flesh and cracking bones of their prey. Due this reason they are placed in canine family of mammals. Their size ranges depending upon their habitat. Their size ranges in length from 40 to 65 inches. Their weight also varies. As some are just 55 pounds when fully grown. While some other cans be up to 200 pounds. In this article, I have collected some wolf pictures below.

Wolves express highly social behavior. They live in groups called pack. A pack is a large family group consisting of 6 or 7 to 15 members. Pack is governed by an alpha male and female, which have many subordinate offspring. The alpha wolves decide the time of traveling and hunting for a pack. They are the first comers to eat the kill. Average life span of wolves is between 5 or 6 years but with ideal conditions available, they can live up to 15 years. They belong to the group of opportunistic feeders and feed on animals from smaller mammals as beavers and rabbits to large animals like deer, elk and moose etc. Wolf pictures below will help you about their looks.

Wolves live in a variety of habitats as forests, mountains, deserts, tundra and swamps. They live in dens in these habitats. Wolves communicate with each other by facial expressions and tail position. They also communicate by howling, growling and barking. There are many kinds of wolves. These are: gray wolf , arctic wolf, Siberian wolf, Mexican wolf, mountain wolf, great plain wolf, eastern timber wolf, red wolf, black wolf and many more. As predators they play a major role to maintain natural ecosystem. Among wolves the gray wolves are the endangered ones and need to be preserved. I have collected some wolf pictures from all of these type. I hope you will likes these:

Black Wolf

wolf pictures

Pack Of Wolves

wolf pictures

Beautiful Gray Wolf

wolf pictures

Black Wolf In Snow

wolf pictures

Wolf Pup

wolf pictures

Wolf Roaming

wolf pictures gray wolf images

Wolf In Woods

wolf pictures

Gray Wolf In Snow

wolf pictures

Howling wolf

wolf pictures

Wolves In Snow

wolf pictures

Wolf Pictures

cool wolf pictures

Wolf Wallpaper

cool wolf pictures


cool wolf pictures gray wolf images

Cute Puppy

cool wolf picture

Wolves In Pack

cool wolf picture

Wolves Playing

cool wolf picture

Hungry Arctic Wolf

cool wolf picture arctic wolf image

Lonely Wolf

cool wolf picture gray wolf images

Arctic Wolf

cool wolf picture arctic wolf image

Happy Wolf

cool wolf picture red wolf

Siberian Wolf

cool wolf picture

Mexican Wolf

red wolf images

Wolves Fighting

gray wolf images

Mountain Wolf

gray wolf

Wolves In Full Moon

arctic wolf image

A Mysterious Look

red wolf image

Click From A Trip

arcitic wolf image

Going for A Kill

gray wolf image

Canis Lupus

gray wolf

Canis Lupus 2

gray wolf

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