40+ Versatile Desktop Wallpaper Collection

With the advent of digital world, especially the computers, laptops and smartphone devices, the world has evolved from the paper-work to the digital-world. Computer Graphics has made the work more concrete from many perspective. Now people can show their talent in the graphic designing using different designing tool. There was a time when people used to paint with their hands, but now it’s all about the computer. When talking about the graphics, one can never forget the desktop wallpaper. People, who are interested in the graphics, they initially usually start with design different desktop wallpapers and backgrounds by modifying the already made wallpapers. Then they go with their own designs, niche and technique.

Desktop wallpaper has been really in the pictures recently. People usually set different wallpaper on their desktops just to make themselves feel free and easy. Everyone has his/her choice off putting desktop backgrounds. Some put their family or pets pictures on their desktops. Some put different animal pictures on their desktops. Some put quotes, movie wallpapers, nature wallpapers, and likewise. Although everyone put different wallpapers on their computer screen but the whole point on putting the wallpapers is usually the same. And the whole point is just to bring an internal peace in the heart and putting the mind at rest. But some people have different ideas in their minds, as they put really disturbing wallpapers on their desktop. Maybe it brings their mind at peace. Wallpaper may be a way to reflect their internal feelings to the world.

In this article, I am presenting a collection of desktop wallpaper and background collection. I hope you will like all the collection. Please share the collection and do comment and leave a feedback about it. The collection has a variety of wallpapers covering nature, animal, animation, flowers, and typographic. Some of these are the real photographical  click with a tint graphical techniques, and some are totally animated and computer work. I hope you will like the following collection.

Green Anaconda Wallpaper

snanke desktop wallpaper

Breathtaking Tree Wallpaper

tree desktop wallpaper

Flower Wallpaper

flower desktop wallpaper

Tiger Wallpaper

tiger desktop wallpaper

Colorful Feathers Wallpaper

colorful desktop wallpaper

Flowers Desktop Background

flower  desktop wallpaper

Cherry Wallpaper

beautiful desktop wallpaper

Nature Wallpaper

 desktop wallpaper

Beautiful Kitty Wallpaper

cat desktop wallpaper

Raining Wallpaper

raining  desktop wallpaper

Cute Wallpapers

cute  desktop wallpaper

Flower HD Wallpaper

flower desktop wallpaper

Hot Air Balloon Background

amazing desktop wallpaper

Beautiful Sunrise Behind the Trees

 desktop wallpapers

Flower Background

flower desktop wallpapers


transformer  desktop wallpapers

Despicable Me 2 Minions Wallpaper

minions desktop wallpapers

Transformers Background Image

transformers desktop wallpapers

Cute Wallpapers for Girls

cute desktop wallpapers

Girl Wallpaper

girl desktop wallpapers

Oneiric Ocelot

desktop wallpaper hd

Half Face

desktop wallpaper hd

Amazing Red Background

desktop wallpaper hd


desktop wallpaper hd

Girl Wallpaper

free desktop wallpaper


free desktop wallpaper

X-Man vs. SpiderMan

desktop pc wallpaper

Burnout Paradise

desktop pc wallpaper

“Keep Calm and Carry On” Wallpaper for Desktop

desktop pc wallpaper

“The Hope of the Resurrection”  Wallpaper for Desktop

desktop pc wallpaper

The Hulk

desktop pc wallpaper

A Lonely Flower

desktop pc wallpaper


desktop pc wallpaper

Heart Desktop Wallpaper

desktop pc wallpaper

Unusual Wallpapers

desktop pc wallpaper

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